New Photo Wall

Are you looking to build a social wall or stream photos live at your event?  Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.  Our newest photo wall makes it easy for you to show all of the photos posted with Snapifeye on a TV or Projector.  All photos posted from photographer and photo booth mode are served up to the feed.

Check out this example –

To set this up for your event simply replace the 4 digit event ID (e.g. 3857) in the URL above with the event ID of your event.  The event ID can be found in the URL of the event on  We will add a direct link to the dashboard on our next updates to make it even easier for you find.

If you want to slow down or speed up the rotation of the photos you can change the interval in the URL (e.g. change the 2 at the event of this URL to a 5 – )


Photo Filter Inspiration

If you are looking for photo filter ideas for you next event, look no further.  Here are a few fun concepts for you to use.  If you want to make these your own there are .PSD files are attached at the bottom.



baseball filter beach day black silhoutte final beach day white silhouette concert filter final birthday filter floral filter for weddings final game day badgers

Printing via Snapifeye

In our latest release we added support for AirPrint to the Snapifeye App. It is available in both photographer mode and photo booth mode.  In order to use this feature you must have a printer that support AirPrint.  We recommend the Cannon Selphy CP1200.

Printing Instructions

  1. At visit the Sharing and Social Media Tab
  2. Turn Offer Printing to Yes
  3. Make sure your printer supports AirPrint.
  4. Connect your printer and mobile device to the same wi-fi network.
  5. On the share screen press the dark blue Print button, then find your printer and press print.

As alway if you have questions please contact us at


Snapifeye iOS App Update

Today we released an update to the Snapifeye iOS app.  Please update to the latest version of when you have a chance.

Updates Include:

  • Layout updates to Photobooth mode for improved usability.
    Photobooth mode now takes 4 photos instead of 1.
  • Photo waiver added to Photobooth mode.
  • When you set the dashboard to only collect email or phone number the text in the app updates.
  • Performance updates and other minor bug fixes.

Snapchat-style events filters for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Announcing Snapifeye 2.0

Over the last few months we been working on several major upgrades to the Snapifeye mobile app. Today we are happy to announce that release of Snapifeye 2.0. Snapifeye 2.0 features several major improvements that make is easier than ever to share live events across social media.

With more people than ever using apps like Snapchat and live-sharing their experiences on social media, companies have a unique opportunity to engage with not only their customers, but their customers’ friends and connections, says Steve Anderson, co-founder of Snapifeye.

“The opportunity was there, but the challenge was the “how,” Anderson explains. “With Snapifeye, event staff can capture photos and moments, package them in an easy-to-share branded format and let customers do the rest. Unlike Snapchat our platform works on several platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.”

Photo Logo App

Snapifeye 2.0 expands on this event photo-sharing service with the following key features:

  • Native social posting across platforms
  • Live embedded photo galleries
  • Greater brand control than other service that provide branded event filters
  • Customizable forms and data collection

“These new features are part of our effort to continually improve and give our customers what they’re asking for,” says Anderson. This personalized approach to event marketing has caught the attention of both local and national companies, including several national radio conglomerates, non-profits such as the Alzheimer’s Association to national brands such as Syngenta and Jack Daniels. To learn more about Snapifeye or start a free trial, visit


Example Branding

Here are a few examples of branding used with Snapifeye. If you are making your own Snapifeye branding make sure that it is at least 1000px by 1000px and that it is a .PNG file. Remember that you need to preserver transparency in the areas you want to see the photo.














Here are a few .psd templates if you need them to get started.


7 Ways to Promote your Event with Social Media


Getting fans to engage and create content on social media can provide a major boost to your events reach. Not to mention it can create great sponsorship opportunities. Here are seven ways that you can incentivize social media engagement.

1. Create a live stream display for content created by attendees

Everyone wants to see their name in lights! Setup a display on a projector or video board for real time Tweets and Instagram posts.

2. Send social enabled brand ambassadors to your event

Nothing is quite as effective as a face-to-face interaction. Give brand ambassadors the ability to create social media content with a platform like Snapifeye. Fans will share branded content while you build your mailing list.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 12.04.56 PM

3. Run a contest

Is there a big-ticket item you plan to give away? Create a social media contest where attendees need to tweet you or your hashtag for a chance to win. Need to pick a winner? GiveAwayTool is simple and free.

4. Build a selfie station

Create a selfie station where attendees can take their own photo and share it with their friends. Not only is this a great interactive element it is hands off during the event giving your team time to deal with more important matters.

5. Event perks and upgrades for tweeting the events #hashtag

Do you have empty seats or free swag? Tell attendees they can upgrade their seats or win swag by tweeting your hashtag during the event.

6. Release insider information on social media only

Are there secret happenings or exclusive information about your event? Let people know that they’ll only learn about these secrets by following you on social media.

7. Collect social media handles at registration then connect with participants during the event

If you are looking for people that are likely to interact with you on social media look no further than the people coming in the door. Get attendees social media handles at registration and send them a quick thank you note.

iHeartRadio Social Media Case Study


B92.5 FM is a iHeartRadio country music station in Sacramento, CA that hosted a meet and greet with Craig Wayne Boyd on May 3rd, 2015. B92.5 partnered with Snapifeye to amplify the stations social media.




Fans got their photo’s taken with Craig Wayne Boyd and they were posted to B92.5 FM’s Facebook page via Snapifeye. With Snapifeye B92.5FM was able to capture an email address from each fan and collect marketing opt-in as well as a photo waiver.



• 58 Emails Collected with Marketing Opt-in and Signed Photo Waiver
305% Increase in Facebook Impressions over the Daily Average
863% Increase in Facebook Consumption over the Daily Average
1520% Increase in click rate verses other content
• Sponsor branding on all photos